All our cakes are filled with buttercream then iced in chocolate ganache, and finally covered in a layer of sugarpaste to provide a blank canvas and keep the cake moist. We use the finest quality ingredients to guarantee an incredible taste.


Dietary requirements can be catered for. All our cakes are vegetarian.


Vanilla (VE, GF, EF)

Vanilla sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and raspberry preserve.


Chocolate (VE, GF, EF)

Chocolate sponge filled with a rich Belgian chocolate buttercream.


Chocolate & Caramel (GF, EF)

Chocolate sponge filled with an indulgent caramel buttercream.

Cookies and Cream (GF, EF)

Chocolate sponge filled with a Oreo cookie buttercream.


Carrot (GF)

Moist carrot cake filled with a vanilla buttercream.


Red Velvet (VE, GF, EF)

Red Velvet sponge filled with vanilla buttercream.


Orange & Poppy Seed (VE, GF, EF)

Orange and poppy seed sponge filled with a vanilla buttercream


Lemon (VE, GF, EF)

Lemon sponge filled with a tangy lemon curd buttercream.


Lemon & Blueberry (VE, GF, EF)

Lemon sponge dotted with blueberries and filled with vanilla buttercream.


Lemon & Elderflower (VE, GF, EF)

Lemon sponge filled with a sweet elderflower buttercream

Raspberry & White Chocolate (VE, GF, EF)

Vanilla sponge dotted with raspberries and filled with a white chocolate buttercream.


Caramel Apple (GF)

Spiced apple cake filled with a caramel buttercream.


Rose (VE, GF, EF)

Rose sponge filled with a fragrant rosewater buttercream.


Violet (VE, GF, EF)

Chocolate sponge filled with a violet infused buttercream.



Traditional fruit cake covered in a layer of marzipan and sugarpaste.

Stefan Hanegraaf Photography


These denote that the flavour can be made to accommodate this dietary requirement.

VE- Vegan (Our milk of choice to replace cow's milk is soya milk.

GF- Gluten free (Our gluten free flour blend is made up of potato starch, rice flour and tapioca flour)

EF- Egg free

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